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China's heat-treated high-strength steel manufacturing company proudly standing in the world

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    Covers an area of more than 300 acres

  Anyang Bolt Fasteners Co.,Ltd (formerly Anyang Longteng Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) was established on January 19, 2005, with a registered capital of 147.89 million yuan, covering an area of more than 300 acres, a building area of 100,000 square meters, and employees More than 500 people.

   Business scope: production of iron and steel products; production and sales of mining supporting materials (anchor rods, anchor cables, anchoring agents, reinforced ladder beams, steel belts, and various anchor nets); fastener production and Sales; sales of steel products and machinery products; import and export of steel products.

   Anyang Bolt Fasteners Co.,Ltd  is a key enterprise in Anyang City, and won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Key Project Construction" in 2005 and 2012 in Anyang City.

   The enterprise technology center has complete test equipment and instruments, and the scientific research team has strong R&D and innovation capabilities. It was rated as "Henan Enterprise Technology Center", "Henan Province Heat Treatment High Strength Steel Engineering Technology Research Center", and "Anyang City The key laboratory for research and inspection of new high-strength and high-performance steel materials. He edited the national industry standards "Ultra-high-strength heat-treated anchor bar" and "High-strength heat-treated stirrups", and participated in the compilation of national standards "Technical Specifications for Geotechnical Anchorage and Shotcrete Supporting Engineering" and China Engineering Construction Association Standards "Constrained Concrete Columns" The Technical Specification for Composite Beam Frame Structures and the Technical Specification for High-Strength Stirrup Concrete Structures provide a standard basis for the widespread application of heat-treated high-strength steel bars in China. As the research and development institution of Anyang Bolt Fasteners, the Technology Center has been committed to the company's technological innovation work to provide impetus for the development of the company.

Company Profile
  • Our faith:Hard work, customer satisfaction
  • Our quality:Truth-seeking and pragmatic, warm service
  • Our style:Unity and cooperation, efficient and fast
  • Our goal:Sincerely cooperate to achieve a win-win situation
  • Our pursuit:Exploit the market with integrity and create benefits for the society

   Since the establishment of the Longteng Heat Treatment Material Plant, all the "Longteng people" have built a proud and proud modern steel enterprise in an open space with enthusiasm and sweat.

   These achievements are the result of the cordial care of the municipal governments at both levels, the result of the full support of all sectors of society, and the crystallization of all Longteng people's hard work. As the saying goes: "It's easy to start a business and it's hard to keep it." After the company is fully completed and put into production, we have a deeper understanding of this. In the vast sea of business, thousands of boats compete for development, and hundreds of boats compete. How to gain a foothold and survive in this competitive environment is a test for all "Longteng people". We are confident that with the fertile soil of Yinshang with three thousand years of cultural accumulation, and the spirit of "Red Flag Canal" that created the eighth miracle in the world, Longteng heat treatment materials will surely create new glories! The company has established a modern enterprise system with separation of ownership and management rights. Use advanced management models for reference and evolve the essence of Chinese traditional culture into corporate culture;

Take "benevolence" to employees, always practice "righteousness" to the society, treat colleagues with courtesy, use "wisdom" to create more value, face customers with sincerity and "trust", and create harmony with heart Dragon!

Charman's message
  • Factory overview

    The registered capital is 147.89 million yuan and the total area is more than 300 mu. It is adjacent to the 107 National Highway in the south and the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in the west. Surrounded by greenery and flowers in all seasons, the factory is a garden-style modern steel enterprise. Recognized as "Henan Enterprise Technology Center", "Heat Treatment High Strength Steel Engineering Technology Research Center"


  • Production capacity

    The company's main equipment includes: medium 130mm hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production line, φ 5-13mm heat-treated steel bar production line for prestressed concrete, medium 27-45mm heat-treated high-strength bolt production line, medium-45-80mm heat-treated high-strength steel tie rod production line, φ85-160mm Heat treatment high-strength oil casing production line. It produces 120,000 tons of various seamless steel pipes and 150,000 tons of high-strength and high-performance heat-treated steel annually.


  • Scientific research strength

    The company actively participates in new product development activities. In 2010, the company cooperated with China Iron and Steel Research Technology Group Co., Ltd. to begin construction of a high-strength steel bar demonstration Factory overview for the National Science and Technology Support Program "High-strength steel bar and high-strength high-performance concrete application key technology research".


  • Certificates

    Longteng always adheres to technology and quality, dare to innovate and pursue quality. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Longteng is well-known inside and outside the heat treatment material industry for its strong R&D strength and solid innovation spirit, and has won numerous awards in the industry.

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