Wind Tower Bolt

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Wind Tower Bolt Supplied from Bolt Fasteners

Wind tower bolt and nut plays a important role as joining components in fastening different parts of wind turbine tower, Longteng is a professional manufacturer which supplies high grades fasteners 8.8-12.9 for wind tower projects.


Wind Tower Installation – Tower Bolts and Flange

Wind tower shall be installed on concrete anchor cage foundation, and different part of wind tower are connected with tower bolts and flange. 2 wind turbine tower sections are jointed with high strength hex bolt and hot rolled steel flange, the bolting process shall be accurate, for less torque will make the fastening loose, and more torque will break the bolt and nut when bearing other forces, which lead to serious structural problems. Wind tower sections are bolted together inside the tower. The quality of the flanges and the bolt tensions are important parameters for the safety of wind turbine towers.

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